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My son and I are still in somewhat of a state of shock after the experience of yesterday's deer hunt. 
I found myself early on in the hunt thinking it was worth the price of admission just to have you share your years of experience with my son and I on the art (and science) of deer hunting.  To harvest a 210 pound, 8 point, beautiful buck as we did was beyond any of our wildest expectations!  We obviously would not have even seen this buck if it wasn't for your advice on deer habits during the rut, wind direction, terrain, deer sight, hearing and scent abilities.  The advice on shooting and gun management also played into our success.

I would hope every father/son hunting team could experience the amazing thrill of our adventure yesterday.  My son has not stopped talking about it and productivity at my work today has been a bit slow as I can't stop thinking about it.  Your help with removing the deer from the woods and processing it was a huge benefit. 

Thanks again for an amazing day neither my son nor I will ever forget.
John and Joe Meade.



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