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*MOOSE HUNTS STARTING AT $1949.99 and SAVE 10% on your professional game processing when you hunt with NHGS



A New Hampshire or Vermont Moose Hunt is a once in a Lifetime opportunity do not risk your success with just any guide service.  New Hampshire Guide Services is New Hampshire and Vermont's premier moose hunting outfitter with the State Records to prove it!  

(22) Successful Hunters in 2014-2015! 

50" Plus Inch Bull Moose Guarantee  Zones (A2) (B) (C2) (C1)

Compare Apples to Apples when choosing your guide service! Do Not get lumped into one cabin with hunters who snore, stay in a private cabin with New Hampshire Guide Services.


Fully Guided Moose Hunts with NHGS include:

  • Full Accommodations
  • SatilliteTelevision, hot shower, cooking stove and refrigerator
  • Home cooked  meals with a menu so you choose what you
  • Eat everyday  Breakfast, Full lunch and Dinner
  • Butcher Shop with Walk in Cooler on Location
  • Transportation in our vehicles during your hunt
  • Transportation to and from the registration center
  • Removal of your animal from the woods and field dressing
  • A team of guides helping you to be successful, 8 registered guides who's primary objective is to get  you a moose
  • Two generations of northern Ingenuity who know the woods because we live there
  • FREE skinning of your moose at our butcher shop when you process your game with NHGS

A NHGS Moose Hunt does NOT Include:

  • Valid NH Hunting License and Moose Permit
  • Ammunition/Rifle 
  • Hunting Equipment
  • Game Processing (Average Cost is .60 cents per lb) 

Mike Lewis 2012 57 " Spread


Do not book your Moose Hunt without talking to us first, we explain everything and leave no surprises!

Moose Hunt PRICE LIST New Hampshire Add $550 for VT

All Packages Available include (2 Hunters)
Prices do not change for (1 Hunter Trips)



20% Extra for Archery Hunts

Premium Private Package - 25% deposit

Full Time Guide 5 Days - Private Lodging - Meals Prepared Daily Free Skinning - Moose Extraction - Moose Registration Asst Video Taping the Event When Possible


A1 - A2 - B - C2 - C1



Price Includes 2 Hunters

Economy Package - 25% deposit

      Full Time Guide 5 Days - Lodging -  Moose Extraction  Moose Registration - Video Taping the Event When Possible  Free Skinning of Your Moose



A2 - B - C2 - C1



Price Includes 2 Hunters

Budget Package- 25% deposit

Full Time Guide 5 Days - Moose Extraction - Free Skinning


A2 - B - C2 - C1



Price Includes 2 Hunters

*50 Inch Spread Bull Guaranteed*

Other guides do not offer this because they can't. Talk to us we will guarantee your hunt!

  1. New Hampshire Guide Services offers a special moose package which includes 9 Days of Hunting, 8 Nights of Lodging, 9 Days of Meals and a Guaranteed 50 Inch Bull Moose!
2. If a Bull is Harvested which is under 50 Inches measured by NH Fish and Game then
3. If the Bull was Harvested after the Guide Advised it was not 50 Inches and after Wednesday then the total fee due 
 4. If you shoot a moose after your guide advises its not 50' before
Mid Week then you pay the full price.


1. Special - 8 nights lodging and food, 9 days of hunting with full time guide

2. Guaranteed NH Bull Moose 30 inch Spread or Bigger measured by New Hampshire Fish and Game

3. Harvested Moose is "30 or less $1000 REFUND

*If Guide advises against Harvesting an animal and you decide to shoot the full $3500 is paid.





A2 - B - C2 - C1







A2 - B - C2 - C1


25% deposit on Hunts











New Hampshire Guide Services Provides a Full Time Registered NH Hunting Guide for your entire hunt!

(2006) 5 Bull Moose Over 50 Inches NH State Record for 2006 and 10th largest ever with a Bow

(2007) 5 Bull Moose Over 50 Inches NH State Record Rack for 2007 65" Wide

(2008) 4 Bull Moose Over 50 Inches 3rd Largest NH Moose in 2008 55" Wide 810 lbs

(2009) 4 Bull Moose over 48 Inches & NH State Record Moose  62 inches wide

(2010) 10 Bull Moose Over 48 inches &  NH ALL TIME RECORD MOOSE 68.5 inches wide

(2011) 16 Moose Hunt Completed with Bulls Ranging form 38 Inches to 51 inches wide

(2012) 12 Moose Hunts Completed with Bulls Ranging from 35 inches to 57 inches wide

(2013) 16 Moose Hunts including (2) 2013 Record Moose - 62" Spread & Weight 920lbs

(2014) 14 Moose Hunts including 2014 Record Moose - 62" Spread

(2015) 12 Moose Hunts including 4 Moose with 50" Spread or Bigger

                                If you have won a permit in the NH Lottery Contact NHGS                              

(603) 387-4626 or (603) 455-7133

Email nhguides@hotmail.com or nhguideservice@gmail.com

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